Thinking about buying a walk behind power lawn mower? Wondering what features to look for in order to maximize safety and ease of operation?

Here are some important features to look for when buying a power mower.

We Know: How to Buy A Safer Power Mower

Mandatory Features

In 1982, new safety features were mandated for power mowers by the federal government. Look for these required features when you shop for a power mower:

  • A feature that ensures that the rotary blade automatically stops within 3 seconds when you take your hand off the controls.
  • A foot shield feature that prevents any contact between your foot and the blade when you are walking behind the mower.
  • A warning label near the discharge chute of the mower cautioning users to keep their hands a feet away from the chute. The mower must also have a certification label with the inscription "Meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards."

Additional Features You Want

Be sure to look for these additional safety features when shopping for a walk-behind lawn mower:

  • A mower that is easy to start.
  • Controls that are easy to reach and adjustable for different people.
  • Deflectors at the discharge chute that force objects that may be ejected to be thrown down, toward the ground, not up.
  • A mower where itís easy to adjust the blade cutting height.
  • If you buy a model with a grass catcher bag, try getting a model where the rotary blade stops within three seconds after you release the controls, but the engine does not stop. That way you donít have to keep restarting.

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