Like to buy a pool table? Wondering what you should keep in mind as you shop?

Here are a few things to help you search for the perfect pool table.

We know: How to Buy a Pool Table

Size of the Table

A regulation-size pool table is one where the width is equal to half the size of the length. The most common sizes of pool tables are 6', 7' and 9'. The seven foot table is the most popular.

Size of the Room

A pool cue is usually 57" or 58" long. That means the room must accommodate both the table and the pool cue. It is also possible to buy or order shorter pool cues, if necessary.

What are the factors to consider in buying a table?

When buying a table you want to consider:

  • Design - consider whether you want a table that looks good. You can pay more or less, depending on whether you're thinking of it as a fine piece of furniture, or simply as a piece of recreation equipment
  • Slate - the top of most pool tables is made from slate. Less expensive models use wood or particle board. Slate is durable, long lasting, and gives a rock solid field of play
  • Cloth - there are two basic kinds of cloth covers for tables. Felt table covers are actually made of a blend of wool and nylon. It is also possible to buy 100 percent wool cloth. Wool covers make the ball roll faster. The color of the cloth does not really make any difference.
  • Cushions - these run along the sides of the table and, like the cloth, must be replaced over time, depending on how much the table is used.

What makes some tables more expensive than others?

Mostly it's the materials used in the construction. If you buy a wooden table with a great degree of carving or detail work, it will increase the price, but not necessarily the playing quality. So, unless you are buying the table as a piece of fine furniture, look for one with slate and good quality cloth and solid construction for the best value.

What should I expect to pay for a pool table?

Pool tables range from the hundreds of dollars to more than $10,000. Here are some sample prices:

Table TypePrice
7’ laminate table by Harvard with accessoriesapprox. $600
7’ laminate with 1”slate by Showood with accessoriesapprox. $1500
7’ solid wood table by Black Bear with accessoriesapprox. $2800
Customized solid maple table by A.E. Schmidt with accessoriesapprox. $6000

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