We know: All About How to Get Movies by Mail

What's a Mail-Order-Movie-Service?

A mail order movie service allows you to order movies on DVD by mail, usually over the internet, and then have them delivered to your home by mail in a very short time.

How do I get this kind of service?

Usually you go to the website of the company you choose (samples listed below) and sign-up as a member, often at no cost. You then view the list of movies available from the company and place your order online. The movies (generally 1-3 DVDs at a time) are shipped free of charge to your home.

How do I return the movies?

You place the DVDs back in the envelope in which they were shipped. Again, the postage is already paid by the company. When the company receives the DVDs back, they will ship you more.

With some services, you keep a running list online of the movies you'd like to receive and the company will automatically ship you the next movie available on your list.

How much does this service cost?

Generally, between $15 and $20 per month, for an unlimited number of movies. That means, as long as you keep returning movies, you'll continue to receive movies, for the one flat fee.

Are there late fees?

These services usually have no return dates, so there are no late fees. However, you must return the DVDs you have in order to get others.

What else should I know?

Some companies have free trial offers, so take advantage and see how you like the service.

Also, be sure the company has a reasonable cancellation policy, with anytime cancellation and no cancellation fee.

What kinds of films are available?

Some companies offer the standard movies you can get in a rental store. But some companies specialize.

For example, a company called CleanFilms is designed to serve a family audience and provides DVDs that have been professionally edited to remove nudity, sexual situations, offensive language, and graphic violence. It's a good choice if you don't want to worry about what your kids will be watching.

Other companies specialize in genres, such as action films or foreign films.

What are the names of some mail order movie companies?

Rental companies include:

  • Netflix
  • CleanFilms (films edited for families)
  • Blockbuster
  • CafeDVD (alternative, foreign, indie and cult)
  • Coreflix (action sports)
  • DVDWood (Indian and Hindu)
  • DVDs 123
  • GreenCine (indie, art house, classics, foreign, documentary, anime and Asian)
  • Numberslate
  • Qwikfliks
  • RentDVDHere
  • RentMyDVD.com
  • SoloDVDs

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