Worried about West Nile virus? Looking for ways to control mosquitoes in your yard?

We looked at what's available to help.

We know: How to Control Mosquitoes

What are the basic types of mosquito abatement devices on the market and how do they work?

Here are the basic types of devices and sample products

Mosquito Magnets attract nearby insects by spewing carbon dioxide into the air to draw the insects (mimicking human breath) and then kill the bugs.

  • Sample Product - Mosquito PowerTrap MT200 uses propane to create CO2 and is suitable for backyards as large as 1/2 acre. The unit turns itself on and off and operates quietly, without killing other kinds of bugs. Costs about $300-$400.

Bug Zappers draw bugs to ultraviolet light, then kill them.

  • Sample Product - Insectivoro Bug Killer, inexpensive to operate, can be used in doors. This device kills bugs by attracting them with ultra violet light, then sucks them in with a fan. The bugs die by dehydration or can be released, i.e., butterflies. Noiseless and small, this device costs about $90.

Ultrasound Emitters repel insects within a limited range with high-pitched tones. Larger versions can be placed in a room like a fan, or plugged into a light socket like an air freshener. Smaller versions clip onto key chains or clothing.

  • Sample Product- Lentek PC23 Pest Control Deluxe, looks like an air freshener, plugs into a wall socket, protects 5,000 sq. ft. area using ultra-sonic and electro-magnetic technology. No price available.

Water Control Devices enable you to drop a larvicide in standing water to kill mosquito larvae before they develop into bugs.

  • Sample Product - BTI Briquettes are chips made from bacillus thuringensis that can be dropped into ponds or fountains. One briquette controls a space of about 100 sq. ft. for about 30 days. Cost about $30 for a pack of 20 briquettes

Insecticides give off an odor that blocks the insect's receptors so that the bug can't detect human skin or blood.

  • Sample Product - Mosquito Management Systems that use biodegradable pryrethrum (made from chrysanthemum flowers) insecticide to spray entire areas such a yards, pools, restaurant patios, dairy barns, etc. These systems are expensive, come with storage containers, pumps and automated spraying systems.

Citronella and Plant Oil Products including candles, lotions and incense, mask the human smells that attract mosquitoes.

  • Sample Product - Flowtron Mosquito Guard Citronella Dispenser can be placed on table tops or walls. Covers up to 12 sq. ft. The refillable cartridge lasts about 30 days. On and off switch. Cost is about $20 each.
  • Sample Product - Skin Skreen Bug Spray repels bugs with citronella, cedar oil, rosemary oil and olive oil. Costs about $30 for 3 bottles.

Repellants generally are sprays made from DEET (N-diethyl-meta-toluamide), a synthetic chemical that repels mosquitoes away from the human body. Look for products with no more than a 30 % concentration of DEET, and no more than 10% for children.

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