Thinking about trying a hair removal treatment? Wondering what the new laser technologies have to offer and if they’re government approved?

We Know: Fast Facts About Laser Hair Removal

1. Has the Federal government approved lasers as a way of removing unwanted hair?

Yes. In the past, medical lasers have been used to help remove port wine stains, dark spots, tattoos and acnes scars from the skin. Now, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has begun to approve medical lasers for the removal of hair.

2. Is the removal of hair from laser treatment permanent?

No. But the FDA does allow some laser device manufacturers to claim that there is a permanent reduction in the total number of body hairs, meaning there is a stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing after treatment. (Only some devices have been approved, and only some have been categorized as providing permanent reduction.)

3. Are lasers approved by the FDA for body hair, also approved for facial hair?


4. Who is a good candidate for laser hair removal?

The most important qualifier is that your hair must be darker than the surrounding skin. That means that people with darker skin or people who are tan with light hair are not good candidates. They absorb too much laser energy in their skin.

5. Does laser hair removal cost less than electrolysis?

In general, yes.

6. What’s a ballpark figure for laser hair removal?

For most areas of the body, laser hair removal requires several treatments and can cost about $1000.

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