We know: Car Tracking Systems

What is a car or vehicle tracking system?

A vehicle tracking system is a security system for your car or truck that allows the police or an operator to track the location of your vehicle by monitoring a signal in the event it's stolen.

What kinds of tracking systems are there?

There are several different types of systems that range in price and features.

  • Transponder/Receiver Systems are simple and inexpensive. You place a transponder device in your car that can be activated once the car is stolen. Police cars are usually equipped with receivers that can pick up the signal and track the car. Be sure to check on the range of the transponder to that it's adequate for your needs.
  • Fee-for-Monitoring Systems also include a transmitting device that is placed in your car. However, this signal is tracked by a monitoring station operated by a private company. You pay a monthly fee to the company.
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) use satellites to monitor the position of your vehicle, in the same way these systems provide map routing for car navigation. Some GPS providers include cellular phone systems, as well. These cell phones can be used for roadside and medical or carjacking emergency assistance, as well as remote door locking and unlocking. In addition, some high-end systems include a panic button to send an emergency call for aid.

What other features should I look for and consider?

  • Home Computer Tracking is available on some GPS systems that allows you to track your own car using your computer and the internet.
  • Storing Tracking Information is possible on some GPS systems, enabling you to monitor the use of a vehicle over days, weeks or months.
  • Hidden Antennas can be placed under a vehicle so that it is nearly impossible to know a vehicle is being traced.

What is the price range of tracking systems?

Simple tracking devices can cost a few hundred dollars, while the more sophisticated GPS systems and services can be thousands of dollars, and include monthly fees.

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