Having a problem with ants? Want to know some strategies for getting rid of them?

We know: All About Ant Control

Tell me about ants.

Ants are social insects. There are a great many varieties but, in general, they live in colonies that can range from hundreds to millions of individuals. They build their nests both inside and outside of buildings. At certain times of year, the colony can produce winged ants that swarm inside your house. This indicates the presence of a nest within the structure.

How do I get rid of ants?

There are a number of ways to get rid of ants. One way is to use a pesticide product. Other people prefer to manage the problem without the use of pesticides. We’ve found recommendations for both approaches.

Our first recommendation is for non-insecticide treatment. If you prefer using a pesticide, go on to the second recommendation.


You can help eliminate the problem of ants by avoiding the use of pesticides and fertilizers on your property. This often upsets the natural balance and causes over population of some insects. Also, eliminate the things that attract ants, such as food on counters and under cupboards and easy access to water.

You can find recommendations for creating sprays made from natural materials to use inside and outside your house on various websites. Once you have applied these sprays, then you should seal up the openings in your house where the ants are entering with glue or calking. You can also make ant repellants using natural materials.


The key to eliminating ants in your home is to eliminate the colony, especially the queen who lays the eggs and is located in the nest. Simply spraying the ants you see along your counter or the floor with Raid probably won’t do the trick.

If you can locate the nest, you can spray it. But ant nests are often difficult to locate. In this case, set out an ant bait product such as Combat or Raid ant bait. The insecticide will be enclosed in a container. The ants eat what’s in the container, then take the rest of the poison back to the colony. At first, you will see an increase in ants around the bait. Don’t spray them; let them return to the nest. Eventually, the numbers will die out. If one bait doesn’t work well, try another. Or call a professional pest control company.

Remember, you may have ants indoors, but the nest is actually outdoors. If you can, try to follow the ant trail and locate the outdoor nest and spray that.

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